Steven Pregozen

Project Director

MAI Project Director

Steven Pregozen joined Madison Associates, Inc. in December 2010, after a twenty-seven (27) year career with the Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI). Mr. Pregozen is the manager of Madison's Financial Analysis Unit (FAU) which conducts research and analysis from information made available through government and commercial information databases. Mr. Pregozen also manages Madison's role and the services Madison provides to a government client's office that is dedicated to managing, searching and analyzing large amounts of paper and digital information associated with ongoing criminal investigations.

Mr. Pregozen retired from federal government service as Chief of Staff for the Director of IRS-CI. Throughout his career with the agency he also served as Deputy Director, Office of Technology Operations and Investigative Services (TOIS), Deputy Director of Strategy, and as a Special Agent in Charge of a large Field Office. Mr. Pregozen not only maintains expertise in conducting complex financial investigations, but also specializes in the development and use of information technology in criminal investigations.